21st March 2002

0.8.4 is out the door. it can be found at the usual place: our files area.

23rd January 2002

We have released the third alpha 0.8.3! This should be a far better release than the previous one, many bugs have been fixed and both query and data submission have substantially improved features. A small bug in the install script has been found in 0.8.3, to install first create the directory 'conf' in the NOMAD/client subdirectory. This directory should be empty. Once this directory exists the install should proceed normally.

27th December 2001

We have released a second Alpha, this update fixes several problems found in the first alpha concerning upgrading, which should be smoother now.

In addition a significant number of bugs have been fixed so users of the first alpha (0.8) should upgrade.

The alpha version 0.8.1 was never released because of problems with sourceforge.

The release is available as a tarred and gzipped file at our sourceforge Releases Page.

17th December 2001

We have released an Alpha version of NOMAD. The release is available as a tarred and gzipped file at our sourceforge Releases Page.

Please Note, our next alpha release is due on Friday, so please check back then, also, remember, the bleeding edge is always available through cvs for the brave...

Please read the documentation included in the tarball carefully, the latest documentation is also available in our documentation section.

This release of NOMAD provides a stable database schema for the forseeable future, and as such allows users to begin using it to store and query their microarray results. In addition we have provided an upgrade path for existing users to migrate existing installations to the new schema. The changes in the schema have been made to facilitate improved functionality, security and MIAME compliance.

This is an alpha release and as such there are incomplete features and bugs. We encourage you to use both the bug reporter and the feature request tracker at our sourceforge development page.

Some important known issues are detailed in the README, please read it!

We believe that this version of NOMAD is suitable for people to download and start using. However look out for a second alpha release coming soon, hopefully by the end of the week! That release is expected to further improve functionality and usability.

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