This is the homepage of NOMAD, an open source system for storing and querying the results of microarray experiments. It is being developed in conjunction between three labs at the University of California, San Francisco and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

NOMAD developers have made several Alpha releases in 2002. NOMAD handles microarray data from the time the chip's image has been described in a text file up to the execution of complex analyses. The system is being continually broadened to encompass other partner software, but we have concentrated on its use in conjunction with Axon's GenePix and Mike Eisen's AERIE analysis engine.

NOMAD's existing documentation can be seen on our Documentation Page. NOMAD has been developed on MySQL and Apache, however, it may be portable to other webservers.

Developers meet regularly in channel #ucsf-nomad on Open Projects Network IRC, and the public is welcome to come by. We also have development, users and announcement mailing lists. For bug tracking, feature requests, and the CVS archive, please see our SourceForge development site.

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